Is your Relationship on Snooze…..

There comes a point in a relationship; at no specific time; that one or both of the partners becomes drug down by the constant day in and day out activities. You wake up, you both go off to work, you come home, you eat dinner while watching tv, and then go to bed.

By changing up our activities, positive receptors in our brain follow that new rush. Think about when you get into a new relationship; sparks fly. After a period of time your brain is accustom to the activities and the person; we are often let down that we don’t feel the love we once did. This is not true. Find a new way to spice things up to get that old feeling going again. When something in our daily routine is changed it can make all the difference. Need Ideas?

  • sign up on an intramural sports team
  • take a weekend away together
  • go somewhere new and pretend to not know each other (thank you Four Christmases)

If you seem to be feeling the snooze, but your partner is content, then make a change in your own personal routine.  Start staying at your own place during the week, get up for six am work-outs, take a new art class or begin a new hobby.  Your significant other will be sure to respond to the change.


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