Do You Think My Tractor is Sexy?

Honestly, not really. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you should stop driving it.  Time and time again I see people give up something they love or something in their life for a new relationship or person.  Giving up something you love can make the other party feel like you are willing to do anything, which can be a total turn off to most of us.  In the end, this leaves you:

Without the relationship + without whatever it was you left for the relationship = Alone

Here are some pointers to keep your new relationship on an even playing field:

  • Keep your commitments. Don’t stop getting up to work out just because your partner sleeps in
  • Work.  Don’t take time off to go out of your way for a new partner.  They will respect that you have obligations outside of them
  • Friends.  Keep spending time with your friends while incorporating your partner occasionally. 
  • Hobbies. Make sure that you keep yourself busy and don’t take on cleaning your significant others house or making sure they have take-out every day as your new hobby.  People respect you when you prioritize your life, so in the beginning they are a small part of it
  • Spirituality. Never give up your faith because someone doesn’t participate in it
  • Encourage, never nag.  If you feel like you are being a drag all the time, it is probably because you are.  This is a two-way street and encouraging one another in habits and hobbies is essential for a healthy relationship 


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