The Faux Bad Boy vs the BAD BOY

The Fake Bad Boy is someone who probably really is a player.  What he lacks is self-respect.  He uses multiple girls to, basically do what Ann Hathaway says in Love and other Drugs, “get away from the pain of being himself.”  He probably also drinks too much (ladies, careful that link was for the men) and isn’t extremely athletic.  Your initial interest in him makes you excuse the obviously unacceptable patterns that he has in his life.

a real Bad Boy:

  • Is mildly cocky but always humble.
  • Has a sexy sense of self.
  • He rocks at life.
  • Is a hard worker, and takes pride in his work.
  • Has a good & consistent relationships with his friends and family members.
  • He might be a little emotionally challenged, but he understands this fall back.
  • He has an appropriate amount of self-confidence and reassures you with his actions.

When at a bar or social setting, if he sees you getting hit on he doesn’t have to “mark his territory”.  He trusts and knows that he is “bad” enough that another guy hitting on you is simply a passing thought.

He walks the talk, he isn’t overly vocal about the fact that he can protect you if he needs to. He doesn’t brag about being a pilot, but he  actually is one and waits until the right time to take you in an airplane.


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