Who Will You Kiss At Midnight?

This weekend marks the beginning of 2012, as we say au revoir to 2011.  But before all the resolutions start mounting,  let’s discuss the most important event that takes place right at the stroke of Midnight: The Kiss.

The tradition of kissing on New Years Eve is long practiced in many cultures.  Kissing in most cultures is a greeting gesture, but America places much emphasis on this lip lock.  The wedding kiss is the most common western belief keeping our traditional ideas of kissing to relationships rather than meetings.  Whatever your culture or personality is this Holiday season, one thing we can all ask together is: Who will You Kiss this Saturday Evening?

Years  ago the Washington Times reported that 2/3 of American’s expected to kiss someone at midnight.  Over half of these people said it would only last a couple of seconds.

What does all this mean? 

The joy of New Years eve has some sharing an intimate kiss with a spouse, a new crush, or an innocent bystander.  For the other 1/3 of us Americans that won’t be par taking in the passion, I urge you to take a step back to enjoy the love in the air.  Look around at the bunches of people cheering for a new beginning and hope that the coming year will hold more wonder, cheer, happiness, and love in lives all around the world.


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The Cynical Therapist came to be when two therapists became friends. SoulMates or Kindered Spirit Animals… Call us what you will…. We are two bad*** chics Licensed to teach you how to grow into your full potential and add some humor along the way.
Laurie Wilson and Elle Anzalone are both Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Huntington Beach, CA.

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