Men are Assholes, Women are Crazy

I overhear this and directly hear this all the time.  Women and Men all over the country classify each other as a way to, I feel, ignore the real problem.  We all have ups and downs in relationships.  One thing I have learned, even about myself,  is this:

If you are not in a relationship, it is not because of the people you dated, it is you.  Plain and simple, it’s not them, it is you. You were the common denominator in all the failed relationships.

(If you didn’t like that, go into the fridge and grab some milk and cookies.  It will help you to read it again, because until you acknowledge that fact, you will continue to be in unsuccessful relationships.)

After my last few failed attempts at relationships, I wrote down highlights of them and determined how I had to change.  No more blaming someone else.  It may be our approach to people, habits to break, or letting go of past relationships.  Indirectly it’s you; items you need to work on in yourself.  Cars need regular maintenance and so do people.

Men aren’t assholes, and women aren’t crazy.  We speak completely different languages, and have a hard time addressing our partners sometimes.  I have been reading “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” for a few weeks now.  It addresses important differences of men and women.  Some of the fad books such as “Why Men love Bitches” miss the ideas of the real communication problems between men and women, so choose your literature wisely.

Here are some common miscommunications directly from the book.  If you are having difficulty in your relationship or marriage I urge you to pick it up.

  1. Our partner resists us, not because they aren’t listening, but we have the wrong approach or timing. (when you talk to a man, side-by-side is better – in the car, eating dinner, etc. It’s less confrontational.)
  2. Women feel better when venting and talking about their problems (men- listen and hold)
  3. Men feel better when “caving” being alone, watching sports, or doing something mindless (women – leave them be)
  4. Practice positive communication- give acceptance, not advise or criticism
  5. We are all unique individuals with different experiences; try not to bring your dirty laundry into new relationships.  Be respectful that not everyone is the same.
Being in a relationship for a committed period of time is not an easy task.  Picking someone who can grow with you and understand your differences.  I have seen many couples jump out of the pot when the water begins to boil.  To be honest, it will boil again and again and sometimes it will boil over, but the joys that come out of sharing your life with someone far surpass the difficulties.


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2 responses to “Men are Assholes, Women are Crazy”

  1. Maybe men and women are crazy arseholes!
    I think you’ve made a number of important points very well. I certainly agree with the “change yourself if you want change” idea.
    I’d add “be honest with yourself about what you’re looking for”.

  2. I believe what they want in a partner should also be obtainable and suitable for their needs and personality.
    I always say make a list of the top five things you absolutely have to have in a partner and don’t stray from that. I tell the people I personally work with 10.
    The problem is, we begin making up excuses for someone that didn’t fit our initial goals. We end up with someone who is half of what we wanted in the first place.

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