How to be a Chick Magnet

Being suave is more natural for some people, but it takes persistence on your part to be a chick magnet.

How You Look.

  • Make sure your clothes are neat, i.e. ironed and clean.  You shouldn’t look like you peeled the shirt from your floor and tossed it on.
  • Physical Upkeep.  Even if you don’t have a six-pack, you should maintain your physical health to secure desirable partners.

What You Say.

  • Don’t complain.  No one wants to hear you gossip about other people or rage about the assignment your boss just gave you.  Chin up.
  • Never brag.  Women don’t want to know how much you make a year or about the most expensive gift you bought for an ex.
  • All about Her. Be inquisitive and try not to talk about yourself too much.

Your Body Language.

  • Good Posture.  Try not to slouch or cross your arms.
  • Confidence.  It is sexy when you show a little confidence.  Honestly trusting in yourself is much sexier than trying too hard.
  • Happy.  Show that you are having fun with your buddies.  This can be a great way to get approached.
  • Energetic .  Be positive and release good energy.  Don’t go out right after work or if you’re too tired.  Make sure your mind and body have fuel so your energy is natural.

A lingering glare or an extended pleasant physical touch can help you judge a woman’s interest.

1. Across the room.

Look away from your buddies while chatting, smile briefly at her, then head directly back into the conversation.  She will reciprocate the look if she is interested.  Don’t keep glaring or look for too long, that will turn you into creepy guy.

2. Already in conversation.

After a few minutes of conversation, say four or five. In a crowded area, lean close and touch your arm against hers; an accidental extended bump.  If you are in an open area intentionally touch your hand to her arm during laughter. (If you don’t have these opportunities forgo touching and wait until the opportunity arises.) 

She is not interested if she isn’t reciprocating the look or moves away from the touch. 


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