How to be a Man Magnet

Women don’t have to be super suave to pick-up men, it’s endearing to be a little shy.  Let’s review how to be a man magnet.

How You Look.

  • Smile, giggle, have fun. Men are intrigued by a woman who is having a great time.  Your smile makes you approachable, which is a big step for most men.
  • Girl Group or Solo.  Hanging out with a group of girls will get you noticed.  Solo works too, but make sure you still smile.  Also, before a man meets you, the only guy he wants to see you hanging on is your brother.  (But I have all guy friends? – Unless you want to be their in-house Snooky, to be approachable you have to be solo or with girls.

What You Say.

  • Minimize talking.  The more mystery you leave a man with, the more he wants it again.  Do this for the first few dates also.  Answer questions will as little information as possible.  Co-workers gave me this advice, so I tried it on a recent date. At first I thought it was weird, and then I saw it in action, works like a charm.

Your Body Language.

  • Good Posture.  Try not to slouch or cross your arms.
  • Quiet Confidence.  Honestly trusting in yourself is sexier than trying too hard, have a quiet confidence.  Overcompensation is never sexy.
  • Sober.  Be sober.  Most women can be ridiculous after a few cocktails.  No one wants you to be the loudest person in the room or he will end up falling for your quiet, less chatty best friend.

A cute glance from across the room can get his attention.  Take a quick second out of a conversation with your girlfriends and give him a quick glance.  The longer and more you stare, the more creepy it is.  One is enough.  If he wants you, he will come talk to you.  You just gave him an invitation,  he is not interested if he doesn’t R.S.V.P yes!


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