The NFL Playoffs: Dating Style

You expect your favorite football team to do their best in today’s game. You expect a win.  But what if your team performs badly because they spent the whole season complaining rather than practicing; keeping bad habits rather than killing them?

In the spirit of the play-offs remember these key things before you kick-off that new relationship.

  • Practice. Being good at something takes a lot of determination and practice.  The same is true for dating.  You need to understand the wrong moves you are making so you can practice new ones. The other day, I was told I am running incorrectly, and I have been running most of my life.  It is difficult to break my bad running habit, but in the end it will pay off to not have injuries.
  • Persistence.  Look at your last relationship and honestly take inventory of what went wrong and what went right.  Learn from your mistakes, grow as a person, and be diligent to make changes for the better.
  • Sitting The Bench.  Knowing when you need to take a break from dating is key to playing your best at the next game.  You have to fix yourself and the self-sabotage of your own relationships before you can go into the game and play to win.
  • Game Face. Your dating game face, is also an attitude.  If you have ever played a sport, performed at an event, been on stage, or hosted a party, then you have executed a “game face.”  Your only focus was that one game, one task, or one performance.  Nothing could have stopped you! Your game face/attitude during dating should be positive.  Don’t complain and don’t bring your last loss into the new game.  If you’re not ready to have the game face, you should be taking time and  sitting the dating bench.


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