Batter up! How to Hit on Someone

Hitting on someone might seem like an easy task for your best friend, for the cute guy in the group, or the girl who always has a boyfriend, however when it comes to securing the one you are truly fond of we can all use a little help.  Batter up!

I spent my life approaching men.  In high school, college, and for a couple of years after, if I wanted something I would go for it.  The other day I gave this good-looking man my number, but he never called.  What had I done wrong?  Let’s review the dos and don’ts in the art of Hitting on Someone.



  • Just walk up to someone and ask them for their number
  • Have your friend hand the crush a business card or digits
  • Get their digits from someone else and then call them
  • Hang on them when you are drunk
  • Try too hard


  • Start small talk with them.   No one wants to feel like you are being too forward. Less is more.   Ask about a book they are reading, borrow the newspaper.  (Heck my girlfriend even made small talk with a man about the half and half by the coffee.  Before we left he asked for her digits!)  Compliment what they are wearing, music they might be listening to, or a job they are doing.
  • Be yourself.  Talk for yourself.  Even if you are shy, having a friend talk for you is tacky.
  • Laugh. I say this often but laughing and having a good time makes you more approachable.   Genuine happiness is always the best.
  • Be confident-sexy.  Your confidence says everything.  If there is something you continually complain about like your legs, hair, biceps, etc. – change it and then get back on the dating field.  Being unsure of yourself makes you somewhat unapproachable.  You can get what you want when you feel your best.


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