Questions about Your relationship? Concerns with being Single?

Most people who I mentor are dealing with similar concerns during a relationship.  These concerns can almost always be resolved with the right mentoring or therapy.  Singles sometimes get into bad dating patterns and are negative about getting back out there and testing the waters.  Couples often struggle through differences.  Likewise, married couples have numerous topics to discuss.

Things you’ll attempt to prepare yourself for, may still shock you.  You don’t always have to be on the defense, you don’t always have to be perfect, and you will not always have the answers.

My discussions and articles can be used as a tool to find valuable ways to assist in bettering relationships or growing in your own life.  I want to strengthen my audience and help individuals struggling with relationships grasp important perspectives about how healthy relationships should be.  All relationships come with baggage, but I want to equip you with hope.

Your feedback to articles is very helpful.  I like to know what my audience feels, and hear your stories.  Whether you agree, disagree, have examples, or just want to give feedback: Your comments are so important to this process.

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