Friends with Benefits

There are numerous reasons why your friends rarely end up with starring roles in your relationships. As much as people tell themselves that they can remain unattached, it is the complexity of any kind of relationship that makes this difficult.  Someone will always get hurt.

Why is it that “Friends with Benefits” and “No Strings Attached” both ended in a way that the titles simply don’t imply.  They became the cliché love stories that they claimed not to be.

And need I remind you the real reason that all these individuals wanted to have relationships based on sex was because they didn’t really understand themselves in the content of relationships.  They had some emotional damage from a previous relationship that brought them to believe being an unattached jerk would actually make them feel better.  It doesn’t.

“It is not who you want to spend Friday night with, it is who you want to spend all day Saturday with.”

If you are scared of commitment, wasting time with someone you don’t actually have feelings for is only taking away from the time you could spend with the person you dream about and deserve.

Being scared of relationships will not bring the right people around, and being scared of commitment will only ruin the possibilities of securing a potential life long partner.  Sure, spending some time alone after a break up can be good for you.  But life and love might not look exactly like the Romantic Hollywood movies, they won’t be the some grand idea of your friends’ relationships.  They will only belong to you.


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