Text Fighting

Often we misinterpret people’s text by putting out own spin on it;  with tones, moods, or emotions.  Not only is it ridiculous to over-interpret the tone of a text, but it can cause additional confusion or unneeded frustration in a conversation.

Don’t interpret the text

  •  A text does not have a tone. “Tone is the use in the pitch of language used to distinguish words.”
  • A text does not have a mood. “Mood is a state of qualified feeling at a particular period of time.”
  • A text doesn’t have the emotion you are having when you read it.  We all know what emotions are.  It is good not to take your own emotion and project it onto your partner and/or the text.

Obviously there are instances, an example is cussing or unwelcome banter.  Those texts you simple ignore.  You all know what instances I am talking about!  It is better to just take the text as it is and leave it.  Don’t add emotion, tone, or mood and see how more effective text

 The Mistakes:

  • We take simple short answers to be rude.
  • We get excited about responses not happening immediately.
  • We get mad if he doesn’t like to text a lot. (A lot of Men don’t).
  • A long-winded conversation about how you are feeling should not take place via text.

The Texting Rules 

When one text is sent, one is received and vise versa.  Do not keep texting if they are not texting back.  They are just not into it.  This can also happen with a partner.  Most of the time, especially men, just need time if they don’t text immediately.  They are not trying to purposely hurt you.  Although you may interpret it that way, just give them some space. I guarantee if you don’t text back after he/she texts about four times in a row, they will start paying attention.


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