Four Days Left til Valentine’s Day

Only 4 days left until Valentine’s Day, and you’re still scratching your head on what to get your gal?

If your relationship is new try a low key dinner.

Men only: If you want to let your crush know how you feel, send flowers.  This is not a time to hand-make something elaborate or get too much out there.  Just a quick note, “Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.”

Women: Your crushes get ignored on Valentine’s Day.  It slipped your mind.  Want him to pay attention to you, pay no attention to him.

Relationships Ideas for Her: 

Spa Packages.  If you are looking to spoil your love, this could be the ticket.  Call a local spa, check it’s website for legitimacy, and schedule an all-day trio of: Massage, Facial, and Pedicure.  Lots of places offer couple packages if you want to partake in the day.

Looking to Personalize.   I received a great gift before that was special and not typical.  Nothing fancy, just personal.  For a woman this means more that hustling out to the dinner crowds and making way through the basket of goodies.  If you want to come from the heart try these:

  • Personal jewelry (not inscribing a name, but a stone from her grandma in a new piece or a piece that compliments her character)
  • Romantic Picnic (too cold outside? Set up a park style motif in the house)
  • Dress and Shoes (A friend can help with her size and style.  She can open this on Tuesday for  dinner reservations another night.) It’s so pretty woman, without all the hooker stuff.

Dinner: Stop reading this blog and pick up the phone.  Valentine’s Day is the busy Restaurant day of the year, so if you want to get a seat, you must plan ahead.  Try a smaller local join to make the night more memorable.

Flowers: If you think this is to cliché, think again.  Women enjoy getting flowers.  We enjoy it even more when you have them delivered to our work or school.  We secretly like others to “enjoy” them with us.

More Ideas

If you are not sure if you should get her something, at least default to flowers.  If she “hates” Valentine’s Day it is only because of her track record of bad Valentine’s Days so make this one good!


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