To be or not to be…. Single?

How do we address the pressure from society to Marry?  Or if we want to marry, how do we go about the dating scene without coming off desperate?  These questions will be answered in tomorrow’s post.  First, lets look at some recent statistics from the Second Annual Singles in America Study. (click on the hyperlink to read the article from USA Today, P.S. any red words are hyperlinks to more info!)

The Kinsey Institutes’ Postdoc Fellow Dr. Justin Garcia helped with the Second Annual Singles in America Study.  This study was released by

General Relationship Attitudes Include:

  • About 21 % say they prefer to stay unattached
  • 12.7 % say they are actively seeking a relationship
  • 46.8 say they are not looking, but if they found the right person they would consider it
  • 16.9 are dating someone
  • 2.2 % are playing the field
*Remember these numbers reflect only the surveyed individuals.

Visiting Professor, Bella DePaulo, at the University of California-Santa Barbara, said this,”It smashes probably the most pervasive myth about single people is that what they want most is to escape being single,” she says. “These numbers are in the context of a society that still greatly glorifies marriage.”

Overall, especially in America, it is the social pressure that might make to want us marry in the first place.  And those of us that don’t give into the social pressure can still find ourselves in awe of another person.  The right person can make any cynic a believer. Why I hear someone say, “I never want to get Married.” I wonder who or what broke their heart in the first place.


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