Five Ways to Measure Your New Man

Here are five ways to see if your new man is a Stud or just another dud.

1. His car.  A man’s car says a lot about him.  If he takes care of it, it’s a good indication he will take care of you in the same way.  Piled up trash means piled up problems down the road.

2. His friends. Being loyal to his friends is an obvious, but a better indication is, does he go out of his way for his friends?  Going out of his way for his friends is very different from loyalty.  Any dog can be loyal, but you want the ones that “don’t chew on your shoes when you are gone.”

3. His words.  Is he optimistic about life?  Getting stuck with someone who complains regularly or has something negative to add to every conversation, is not a good catch.  An optimistic partners will be supportive when you need him the most, and will help you to see the happy parts in life.

4. His siblings.  A man with a sister has been given a small road-map.  Most men with sisters, will treat you how they want their sister treated.  Men with sisters have seen women that truly love and not just measured our species up to ex-girlfriends.  A man who is close with his siblings values his family and will value yours.

5. His habits. Working out and taking of himself is a sure sign that you will be dealing with someone who is your partner and not someone you have to beg to be healthy.  Someone who consistently works out will also have consistence in his relationships.  A fair weather man is like a taxi, good to get you to the destinations, but not an actual destination.


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