How to Meet the Parents

So you have made it through the first few dates, or even the first few months.  It is time to meet the parents.  You couldn’t be more nervous.  But remember these tips to make a good impression when meeting the parents:

  •  The person you are with likes you enough to either meet your parents or introduce you to theirs (most of the time both).  You have got over a huge part of getting to know the one person you really enjoy spending time with and you are now meeting the two people who make up that person.
  •  Gentlemen. You might fart in front of her or cock your hat to the side, but it is time to act like a gentlemen.  Even if you are friends with her brother, this is not the time to slap-shot his junk.  Dress nice and act polite.
  •  Ladies.  Pretend like the high school dress code is back on.  A dress should be down to your knees and you should cover your shoulders.  No one needs to see that belly ring or needs an introduction from your cleavage.
  •  Avoid Awkward.  Get to know a little bit about what the parents, brothers, or sisters do before you meet them.  Understand what interests them and what you might have in common.  The best impressions are the inquisitive ones.  Answer your best.  Don’t bullet-point things you are going to do, but highlight accomplishments.  Don’t make lengthy conversation about yourself but be inquisitive about the family.
  • Firm Hand Shake


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