The Opposite Opposite Opposite Sex

Women are very different than men.  We utilize our emotional sides whether we want to or not.  We want to have frequent talks about what is bothering us.  And we want to constantly tell you about our feelings.  We need affirmation at least four times a week.  We have a difficult time (having had guys friends) not wanting to call you when you are at your bachelor party doing “nothing wrong.”  We try not to be over-bearing, but it seems like no matter what we do, you find a way to blame us for all the idiosyncrasies that you initially didn’t mind. 

In your world, we become annoying and intense rather than loving.

But in our world, we are trying to understand the many and different emotional states that we go through as a result of getting close to someone. 

To make up for some of these differences men and women can try the following:


  • Try to be sensitive
  • Listen
  • Acknowledge that you care
  • Be a good friend


  • Confide more in girlfriends (it is important to have a connection to other women because only other people in the same herd can fully understand our complicated states)
  • Stay busy with hobbies
  • Practice self-care to properly handle different emotional states
  • Don’t confuse sex for love


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