Do you Struggle for Satisfaction in Romantic Relationships?


Some of us like the chase better than the actual relationship.  It is a fun time to get to know a person and engage in new and exciting activities with a new love interest.  Although, once you secure the relationship, why does the excitement seem to fade?

Is is understood that a lot of us feel the excitement fade because the chase is over.  But maybe you tent to push relationships away because they are just not good matches.

Securing a relationship where someone matches your personality, habits, beliefs and lifestyle will yield better results with your dating partners.

Acknowledge your traits and possible matches before jumping into a relationship:

1. High-Achiever.  If you are a college graduate or continuing onto graduate school, a more successful relationship may include someone who has the same aspirations or ambitions.  This can be someone who has entrepreneurial adventures rather than continued education.  They don’t have to be exact matches, but similar ambition is good.

2. Habits and Responsibility.  Organization and house-keeping.  It is difficult to have a relationship with someone you feel you are cleaning up after.  It is good if the house-hold chores are shared and both parties can take responsibility for the day-to-day stuff.

3. Lifestyle.  Do you enjoy spending time at home or do you thrive with an active social life?  Being with someone who shares the same lifestyle as you is crucial.  Maybe you like adventurous vacations.  You should find someone with similar interests and lifestyle patterns so you can enjoy in each others hobbies and happenings.


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