Education or Husband?

Postwar, many females were asking this question, but today your education doesn’t have to sit in the driver seat to a marriage.  In fact, it might even be the tool to making a marriage more successful.

There has not been a better time for woman to become more educated. Education went from # 11 on Men’s Traits to look for in a Mate to #5.

Studies show that:

An educated woman = more help with the housework

More help with the housework = better, frequent sex

Highlights of an Education:  

  •  College educated woman are more likely to marry even into their mid 30’s
  • Even if you don’t marry, “more educated women live the longest, healthiest lives of all groups”
  •  The quality man you are looking for isn’t threatened by education but turned on
  • A woman is more sexually attracted to a man that shares the duties

Remember don’t be arrogant with an education. A man still likes to teach you things. Just like you are more sexually attracted with housework help, he is sexually attracted by teaching you things/taking care of you. It’s a tough balance, but the battle of the sexes is pretty much over now. We all want great relationships with sexual attraction.  And hey, more frequent, better sex, what an added bonus!


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