Why Crazy Dates Asshole

After reading a friends post, I wonder if I need to be more encouraging. Everyone could use to be a little more encouraging. When I hear these two statements “men are assholes, women are crazy.” I think one thing: Arrogance. The “It is them, not me,” attitude.

Remember, you see what you want to see in others, which is usually a reflection of what you see in yourself.

In relationships, most of the mistakes that are made out of people who don’t feel like listening or learning. Be open to growth and you will harbor more last friendships, relationships, and a life of learning.

As for me,

If you want instant encouragement, you will have to buy a greeting card. I am here to teach you. I am here to introduce you to your best self. Later, along with that comes encouragement. You first have to discover how to be your best self before you can bring another person into the mix.

As my clients can tell you, I will not be brash and mean. I will instruct you through some of the mistakes you have been making to find the best future relationship(s) that you deserve.

Some people bring out the worst in our personalities and some bring out the best. Everyone has ups and downs. Everyone has bad weeks and good. See the best in others, and they will see the best in you. It is amazing how your outlook can change your life.


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