What if I Don’t Want to Stop Liking Him?

This article is intended for an audience that likes either a him or her.  This is a scenario we call: unrequited love.

Remember this:

  • It happens to us all
  • It is very common
  • It is natural and normal to like someone who might not like you back in the same way
  • It is natural for you to have feelings for someone after you break up with them, even if they don’t have feelings anymore
  • It will also be natural for it to happen the other way around.  So be kind, patient, and try to stay grounded not letting your emotions get the best of you.

Popular culture leads us to believe that in the end we always end up with the one person that we wanted, and they want us back.  Statistically pop culture is wrong, 98% of people have experienced unrequited love or will in their lifetime.

Even after some explanation that this is natural and common you might still ask yourself again:

What if I don’t want to stop liking him?

My response is: Then you can finish throwing your tantrum, and you can join the rest of the adults in the other room when you are done.

What you want and what you need are often very different. If you’re argument is that you can’t stop liking them; can’t is just an argumentative sister of want.

How to begin the process of letting go:

  1. Practice putting your energy into something or someone else
  2. Remember the relationship for all it was and not just the good parts
  3.  Seek out a therapist or a life coach.  It is great to have another perspective into the situation to help you develop ways to let go and move on, so you can find the love you deserve.


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