The Man Instruction Manual

Just like any other instruction manual, you have to make sure that you go through the entire instruction manual.  The first thing is that you remain patient and not get ahead of yourself in the process.  It might seem slow, but having a piece of furniture that isn’t put together right, doesn’t keep it around for the long run.  Relationships need to be put together with additional care and thought.

The Don’ts 

  • Don’t quit the things that you like to do
  • Don’t lead a man into thinking you are needy or insecure
  • Don’t talk or say bad things about a past boyfriend
  • Don’t talk negatively about other women
  • Don’t make too much physical contact in public – save your touches for short and infrequent


  • A man will withdrawal when he isn’t interested or when he is falling deeply in love with you. (As if it isn’t confusing enough, your instructions are to hold it together here)
  • A man, although seems to be driven by sex, is still out for more than just sex

Most Importantly 

A strong sense of attraction can make you override your logic and ignore your instincts or ignore all the instructions you just read.  Take time with friends and yourself, don’t get smothered in the emotions and attraction.


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