Relationship Tune-Up

Relationships aren’t easy.  I have said that before.   They take work, and two people go through trials and tribulations.  In the end, you get the luxury of going through those times with someone else, and not alone.  Just like a job, there are days when we want to be there, and days when we don’t.  We can choose to have a job that is something more along the lines of what we like, and the same goes for relationships.  A relationship that is back and forth and destructive will make you miserable and stressed.  Just as we try to choose a job more to our liking, make sure you have an idea of what you want in a relationship and partner, before you get there. For all those of you who continually bitch about your relationship, readjust your outlook and your attitude.  Your projection of your relationship is most likely what you dislike in yourself or about your life.  I am sorry if that is difficult to hear.  

1/3 of how you are is hereditary, and 2/3 is from social and environmental.  This means more of our actions and emotional responses are brought on by our environment and the relationships within our environment.  We can readjust our reactions.  We can begin this by being around people who highlight the good is us rather than the faults.  People and relationships that are encouraging and helpful.  Your relationship tune-up, begins with your self tune-up.


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