Put Down the Red Solo Cup

With St.Patricks Day right around the corner, I thought I would reinterate that whether it is a red solo cup or shot glass in your hand, drinking will not be a good way to do any of the following:

1. Get back at your Ex.  When you are a sloppy mess, that only brings more negative attention to you.  Making a scene is not a way to get back at anyone, but only make it worse for yourself. 

2. Attract the Right Women.  You and your buddies might joke, hoot, and hollar, but your attractiveness level dips with each sip.  You attract the right kind of women when you keep composure and don’t run with the crowd.  

3. Make you the Life of the Party.  It is a natural psychological state to want attention, however, the right kind of attention doesn’t happen at bars or parties anyways. 

4. Get into a Healthy Relationship.  If you are reading these blogs, I hope you have some expectation that they will help you to have better, more successful relationships in the future, or to be happy in your marriage.  You should take the time to do much of the self-evaluation that I discuss.  It is not them, it is you. Change you, then proceed to a relationship.

 Drinking is a huge barrier for healthy relationships.  If you put the cup down for good, it can only bring around better opportunities, better relationships, and better overall mindset.  



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    • No problem. I am trying to keep up with the posts along with other commitments. Love to hear what you readers want to hear more about. Catching up on Olivia Munn and Dr. Drew! So it should be an interesting sex chat week.

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