The Relationship Trade-In

With more and more technology and faster ways to get anything these days, we are also quick to throw in the towel on our relationships. We are a society of trade-ins and trade-ups looking for the next best model. The proof is in the pudding. You want more, faster, and different, but as soon as you trade in for a new model, your next goal will be the next trade-in.

We are quick to leave or to make way for a new model when problems begin. However, if problems begin in a relationship, most likely regular oil-changes and tune-ups were not done. You want to come out with a beautiful thing that runs well and maintains life, then you have to be willing to take proper care of it. As I quoted yesterday and a wise friend of mine said, “I find happiness because I look for it, not because it finds me.” You have to put in time, effort, and care to make a great relationship. Great relationships are not just handed out. Great relationships are made when two people find a way to see the good in one another, to put in effort, and to love with patience and to learn in that love.

Love Relationships

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The Cynical Therapist came to be when two therapists became friends. SoulMates or Kindered Spirit Animals… Call us what you will…. We are two bad*** chics Licensed to teach you how to grow into your full potential and add some humor along the way.
Laurie Wilson and Elle Anzalone are both Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Huntington Beach, CA.

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