The Relationship Trade-In

With more and more technology and faster ways to get anything these days, we are also quick to throw in the towel on our relationships. We are a society of trade-ins and trade-ups looking for the next best model. The proof is in the pudding. You want more, faster, and different, but as soon as you trade in for a new model, your next goal will be the next trade-in.

We are quick to leave or to make way for a new model when problems begin. However, if problems begin in a relationship, most likely regular oil-changes and tune-ups were not done. You want to come out with a beautiful thing that runs well and maintains life, then you have to be willing to take proper care of it. As I quoted yesterday and a wise friend of mine said, “I find happiness because I look for it, not because it finds me.” You have to put in time, effort, and care to make a great relationship. Great relationships are not just handed out. Great relationships are made when two people find a way to see the good in one another, to put in effort, and to love with patience and to learn in that love.


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