How to Size Up Their Relationship Potential

A strong sense of attraction can make you override your logic and ignore your instincts. Faults that spell trouble can be ignored. So how do we decide if this is a long term thing or a short term fling?

Here are the signs of a man or woman who might leave you broken-hearted:

Unavailability. If they’re into you, they will make time to see you.

Inconsistency. Inconsistency in relationships with friends and family, is likely to make them inconsistent with you.  Make sure to get a sense of them in “their scene” to scope out potential problems.

Quickness. Don’t use emotional triggers to force a person to fall for you. This may make lead to impulse reactions and can lead to letting you in out of fear rather than real love.

Variety.  Someone who likes variety likes it all the time.  They most likely will meet their match one day, but as long as you are one of many, the relationship potential equals zero.

Don’t let these signs get you down, sizing up their potential prior to sudden commitments can lead to better results with future relationships.


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