Your Dating Life is Not an Open Interview

I’ve read in books before that we are supposed to treat our dating life like an interview.  Treating a date like an interview is going to leave out the best parts of our dating life; the excitement and fun of getting to know someone.  It will be so timed that it will feel just like an interview.  The truth lies in the compatibility and attraction.  Although, some of the important interview rules can apply:

No Texting: Put down the freakin’ phone and enjoy yourself and the company of your date.  Too much texting or phone touch can give a message of uninterest to your date.

Dress Code: Relax and put on a nice pair of jeans, and a great top.  Make sure to wear something you are comfortable in so your clothes don’t have you fidgeting all evening.

Answer in Few Words: Answer questions you are asked in short answers.  There will be plenty of time to get to know one another.  You want a call back, I suggest locking up the chatty lips.

Take the Job: After you leave the interview they give you a couple of days.  Be patient for the call back, and be patient in initiating the call back.

These interview tactics can help you wing through the first date, but be sure that you choose the dating partner you want.  Unlike our jobs in today’s economy the wonderful world of singles is still on an economic upswing.


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