The Relationship Diet

Just because one diet works well for someone else, doesn’t guarantee that it will work well for you.

Today’s explosion of diet fads and quick fixes, leads us to believe 2 things:

1. If it is working for someone else, it will be the answer to our problems
2. A quick fix is all we need to repair the current struggles

Relationships work and move differently for each unique couple. The gossip of a past relationship being bad for your current partner does not mean that it will also turn out in the same manner for you two.  Make sure the relationship diet you adhere to is one that works specifically for your partnership.

Pick out the right Relationship Diet:

Know Yourself. The number of calories you take in depends on your weight and activity level. Also, the way you choose a good relationship diet should also depend on your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Make sure your Diet includes essentials. Take care of yourself. You can run 11 miles a day, but if you refuse to eat well along with that, you will fail. You need to be aware that relationship essentials include, communication, dedication, quality time, love, nurturing, and ongoing participation.

It’s Gray. Life is not black and white and relationships are definitely not. Learn to let go of your personal perfection in order to find the good in someone else.

Plan Ahead. Just like you need to plan out meals for a diet to be more effective, you can plan on certain aspects of a relationship by determining your actions in certain situations. In relationships we want to avoid conflict. Planning ahead can help you reduce high stress levels which can reduce adverse reactions.

In the world of proper self-care, the best relationship diet is a lifestyle diet. Quick repairs on ourselves will only make us able to run short distances. In the long haul we need to take proper measures to execute permanent growth changes.


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