Where Do You Put Your Value?

You can not find your self worth in another person, thing, job, or hobby.  It has to come from within yourself.   Whatever you do for a job is what you do, not who you are.  You need to separate yourself from these things.  As adults we are always asking, What do you do for a living?  It is difficult to separate ourselves from our jobs, but we must do it.

Some of the items that let you know your self worth are:

  • confidence
  • knowledge
  • caring for yourself
  • respect for others

Learn to appreciate these things to understand you are worth more than the things you do.  Some signs that can tell you there is a lack of self-worth are the following.  Use these items to help yourself and others explore their self worth:

  • neediness
  • insecurity
  • defensivness
  • lack of communication
  • deceptive behaviors

You must go into a relationship valuing yourself if you want someone else to see value in you.


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