What the Look She Gives You Really Means

You know that look that she gives you when she is not pleased?  Yeah, that one!  The one that she can say so much, but so little with.  



Why the Face? 

  • We are intense
  • We like to be animated
  • We like to talk about it
  • We want you to listen


Try to be sensitive to how we are.  You don’t have to be sensitive to the point of feminine.  You can still grab your balls and high five your friends, but remember we are not similar in your ways.  We like to correct your actions and advise you on things. 


The more times you tell him, does not mean the more he will listen.  Try once.  If he doesn’t listen make changes in your routine that get him moving.  He might not hear you, but he can see you; especially when you stop showing up at his place for sex.  Wait to show up at his place until he does something to please you, like helps with your car or takes you to dinner.  You move each chess piece only after he makes his move.

And Ladies, learn to laugh at yourself.  We can help him, but we can’t change him. 


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