Where Can You Meet Available Men or Woman?

Anywhere!   You can start a conversation with anyone anywhere.  Make a joke, ask about a piece of clothing or a product they are holding or try “You look familiar, have we met?” 

 Try these places: 

  • grocery store
  • coffee shop
  • laundry mat or dry cleaners
  • restaurants
  • in the elevator
  • at the gym
  • in the park
  • in the parking lot
  • target
  • a sporting event
  • the beach

 Remember these two key components to be available yourself: 

Make time to meet people.  You don’t have to go out and seek someone, just slow down and notice the people around you. 

Try going alone.  I gave advice for meeting people when you are with friends in: How to be a Man Magnet or How to be a Chick Magnet, but you are significantly more approachable when you are alone.  If you are meeting friends for dinner, arrive early and have a seat at the bar while you wait.  Don’t fidget with your phone either, be approachable. 

Check out these movie clips for quick tips: 

The Messer Magic in Life As We Know It 

Do You FInd Me Attractive in Crazy, Stupid Love 


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