Why are Women and Men so Unhappy?

We have so many rules when it comes to dating.  Are these rules holding us back?  How can we stop following them? Which ones should we keep?


Having too many rules or molds that a person has to fit in, can make it difficult for you to find a partner.  When on a first date it is a good idea to just listen and watch the other person.  You don’t need to bring in a list of your turn offs, because that will turn off potential mates.  Don’t let lists hold you back, be flexible about your “type”, and be open to new experiences.

Men and Woman are looking for different things during the courtship.  There are a few minor items to follow when in the dating stage:

Men Should:

  • Remember to make a plan.  Woman like plans and organization.  It makes us comfortable and helps us feel taken care of.
  • Be okay with paying.  This makes woman feel secure and usually has little to do with being snotty.

Women Should:

  • Learn to leave competitive and aggressive at work.
  • Be flexible.  Your relationship does not look like a Nicholas Sparks novel.  If you expect it to, that may be why you are stay single.

Try to be flexible with minor details of dates and the beginning courtship.  You should not be flexible with strongholds, addictions, or any types of abuse.


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