Sixteen is a Hockey Team- Three is a Crowd

Have you ever been to a live sporting event?  I traveled to my first over the weekend; a hockey game at the Honda Stadium.  The Ducks happened to be the team I was gunning for, but I know very little about hockey.

I noticed more at the game than just each two minutes six new men made their way out to the ice or the fights that are forgotten shortly after they take place. Amongst the fans, I noticed most of the chatter to be ridicule, mockery, and scoffs.  These were fans!

It got me wondering: Who has the best intentions for your relationship?  Are they a positive fan or screaming from the bleachers like an angry fan?

Often times our friends are just looking out for us, but the negative comments and sometimes unsupportive nature can make it more difficult to succeed in a relationship.

A team of 16 works for Hockey, but the only thing that works for the couple is the couple.  Surround yourself with people who are encouraging about your relationship; in good times and in bad times.   On the other hand, there is not an easy way to tell a friend that you disapprove of their relationship, but you can be a good friend regardless.  You don’t need to be screaming ridicule or sharing negative comments; you can just be there, as a good friend would.

Be careful, there is a lot more that goes into a relationship then what you see.  We often confide in our friends during the bad times and don’t go on bragging about the good.   There are ups and downs in relationships just as there are in sporting events.  Most of the time the people yelling in the bleachers are in the bleachers and not out playing because they would never make the team.  You know how much time, practice, and patient your relationship takes; they get a mere side-line view.


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