Flirting With The Enemy

Some people are difficult to understand, let’s call them Wildcards.  You read relationship blogs on advice, but you still feel like you are hitting your head against a wall trying to figure out how they feel about you.

The best thing you can do in the situation with a Wildcard is play it cool.  Wildcards usually have some ideas about what they want a relationship to look like, but once they get it, it’s not as exciting.  They are untamed, which can make them a good partner; they can be strong and feisty.  But they can also be intense and choppy.  They don’t necessarily come with an instruction manual.  I know it seems fun, but it can be dangerous. For someone who is used to dating people like this, it may be time to play it safe.

Some of them don’t really want a relationship, but like the games much more.  When dealing with someone you think may be a wildcard, take your time.

Relationships have the same affect on our brain as drugs or an addiction.  The immediate can seem very nice and tempting, but in the long run a relationship like this is going to leave you with the worst kind of hang-over ever.  The break-up.


In a deck the wildcard is given value by the player.  Make sure the one giving the value in the relationship and to yourself is always you.


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