Five Ways to Measure Your New Woman

Here are five ways to see if your new woman is a keeper:

1. Her space. A woman’s home or apartment says a lot about her. If she takes care of it, it’s a good indication she will take care of you in the same way. Piled up trash means piled up problems down the road.

2. Her friends. Women are very different with friends than men.  Whether she has guy friends or girl friends, how long they have been around is an indication of her loyalty. Women can be caddy when it comes to things, but a real woman would never let anything get in the way of her great friendships.

3. Her words. Is she optimistic about life? Getting stuck with someone who complains regularly or has something negative to add to every conversation, is not a good catch. An optimistic partner will be supportive when you need her the most, and will help you to see the happy parts in life.

4. Her siblings. A woman with a brother has been given a small road-map. Most women with a brother will understand a bit more about your space and needs.  Also, a woman who is close with any of her siblings values her family and will value yours.

5. Her habits. Women differ than men; they have to take physical but also emotional care of themselves to be a good partner.  What sort of hobbies or down time does she have that will free her of her stresses?  A woman who takes good care of herself emotionally will be able to weather relationship storms.


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2 responses to “Five Ways to Measure Your New Woman”

  1. I have the most bizarre sensations whilst reading this. Somewhere, deep inside, I knew these things long ago. Yet I made mistakes, chose the wrong woman, even whilst the alarm bells were ringing. I fooled myself. There’s no bigger fool than a man who can fool himself.

    • Thank you for the wonderful feedback. This feeling is typical for many people. We know what we need and we begin to make excuses after we meet someone. It is good to recognize this and learn from it.

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