Goodbye Cougar, Hello Manther

The term Cougar was first acknowledged in the early 2000’s in Vancouver as a name for a woman of high physical appearance aroused by young male’s sexual appetites.  The cougar is known for it’s ability to ambush predator.  The manther is the male equivalent to the cougar.


Unlike it’s cougar counterpart, the manther stalks it’s prey in silence using only his wallet to lure in unsuspecting victims.  Although a cougar is usually of assiduous beauty, a manther does not have specific physical attributes and relies solely on the cash and his confidence of cash; he can be handsome or homely.

The manther is 10 to 15 years older than his prey.  He is aware of the prey drawing towards his cash flow and does anything he can to purchase her heart over and over again.  The typical environment for the manther is bars and clubs; he is either back from a marriage expedition or always on the lookout for his next victim.  The manther’s agenda is to keep noncommittal relationships with younger women; settling down is not in his nature.


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