There is etiquette that needs to be taken into consideration when texting.  Let’s go over some of the simple guidelines when texting.

Tone. It is always important to remember that texts only have the tones that you give them.  It is more appropriate to try to keep a neutral mind when trying to impart a tone onto a text.


🙂 The smiley face.  This is a good indication when tone can be misconstrued by the person receiving the text.  It says, “Hey, I am having a good time in this conversation and it is not being taken out of context.”

! The exclamation point.  Some people really like to end their sentences this way.  If it is used sparingly, take it as the individual being excited about said situation, such as hanging out with you soon.  But don’t read into a person that !’s all the time.  They are ‘just not that into you’ just because they ! you most of the time.

😉 The winky face.  This is much like poking someone on Facebook.  It is a way to elude to someone that you are interested.  Be careful in utilizing the 😉 with someone that you are not into.  Make sure that you don’t 😉 someone who you wouldn’t go out with on an actual date.


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