You Like Games and You Don’t Know It

“I don’t like games.”  How many times have you said this yourself or heard someone else say it?  This seems to be a common statement from people who are making their way back into the dating world, usually after a not-so-great dating experience.  Are you free of playing a role in the games or do you fall victim to games being played in your relationships?

Sometimes we have to look into our past and decide if games are something we have a tendency to be pulled towards or to act out ourselves.

There are some indications that we are on strong defense because of past wounds.  Our inability to move forward can be seen in typical statements and actions.

These statements include:

  • Women are crazy
  • Men are jerks
  • I don’t trust people

We are making general blanket statements about people, instead of giving each new person the benefit of acceptance and trust.

The actions include:

  • Staying with people who treat you badly in any way, including physical and emotional
  • Constantly reaching out to partners that don’t put in as much time and effort as you
  • Wanting people who don’t feel the same about you

Find your strengths in relationships and build on those.  We need to recognize our need for games and conflict and find resolve for that.  Addressing it from past inventory and existence in current relationships can help us move forward seeking positive fulfilling relationships.


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