Our Hyper-Sexual Culture

In light of the 12 secret service agents that recently got caught with prostitutes, what better time to address the hyper-sexuality of our culture.

A hypersexual individual is one that is excessively interested or involved in sexual activity.  Our culture makes little effort in openly discussing sexuality and sex.  We went to extremes in the 60s heightening sexuality, and by the 80s it was something we rarely discussed.  In the 50s it was something that was shared and intimate. 

Some high school programs that exist today don’t help our culture to foster communication about sex.  Abstinence only programs don’t discuss issues and in turn make the hypersexual culture flourish.  It doesn’t have to be the burden of the school to teach the students about sex and sexuality, but should be that of the parents.

Sex is glorified through pornography giving a skewed perception of what ones sex life should look like.  It is important that couples can speak openly within their relationship about their concerns, likes and dislikes with sex.  Communication is a struggle in relationships, and talking about something that has a stigma as well as hyper-cultural content can make this communication hindered even more. 

Talk to you partner and learn good ways to communicate verbally and physically. 

How do you foster communication about sex in your relationship?

  • Talk openly about sex, expectations, and feelings
  • Understand that the cultural norm for sexualizing women isn’t the norm
  • Get comfortable in your own sexuality so you can communicate about it to your partner


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