My Girlfriend Wants Me To Go See The Lucky One

Men, we try very hard to sit with you during sporting events.  We support you in your endeavours with work, and we foster relationships with your friends.  It is not the dream of Zac Efron sweeping us off our feet, but having an intimate evening with you, along with a made-up story that makes the world stop for one moment. If this doesn’t convince you, maybe the steamy sex scenes and war fighting will help harbor the mood this Friday when your girlfriend asks you to attend the movies with her to see The Lucky One.


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One response to “My Girlfriend Wants Me To Go See The Lucky One”

  1. Women. Always supporting us then reminding us how much they support us to get something out of us. Why are yall with us if yall truly believe we are not as supportive? If you want to go to a chick flick call up click, the sex scenes we will still benefit from when yall get home. Why bring a man that might just fall asleep right after the previews? Make it a girls night…. By to way I am a man that love chick flicks but I am speaking for the ones who don’t!!!!

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