How to Avoid Fighting with Your Partner

Here are some quick tips to harboring good communication and limiting disagreements: 


  • Take responsibility
  • Take deep breaths when things get heated and don’t respond immediately
  • Don’t blame the other person
  • Listen, Listen, Listen!
  • Don’t argue with opinions, they are merely opinions
  • Listen without frustration or anger in your movements and voice
  • Be accepting
  • Be forgiving 

Solutions to problems are rarely immediate and easy.  Having effective means of communication during the problem periods can make resolution more possible and quicker. 

Ask your partner what makes them feel better after or during a disagreement.  If your partner needs to walk away for fifteen minutes then come back to talk, let them have that time.  If they need a hug and a seated mutual discussion on set of the issue, try that. 

When there are two parties involved it is important that each person knows how to make the other feel better after or during a disagreement.  You can use these ways to ensure that issues and topics are discussed rather than argued and fought about. 


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