Relationship Boxing Gloves

The UFC fights wrapped up with a win from Jones this weekend, but what does boxing have to do with our relationships?

If you give up every time you have a fight with someone, you wouldn’t be with someone very long.  It was a fight, you deal with it and you move on.


Have you ever had a relationship where you broke up and you figure the relationship is over and repairing it would be tough?   

Honestly, these break-ups don’t necessarily mean that you should not be with the other person, but that you need to learn how to maneuver.  Learn not to throw the boxing gloves out every time that you loose a match.  In the boxing ring you need endurance and we have to learn how to maneuver and shift with the other person.  This is the same in a relationship and the more times we butt heads the easier the future battles will be.  We need to learn to maneuver with one another.     


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