How to Be Sexy and Know It

A lot about being sexy is not only your look, but your attitude about that look.  When I say attitude, I am not talking about overly confident or cocky, but just enough playful flirt mixed with sass in order to be sexy.

Below are some ways to be sexy whether you are a guy or gal.

Physically Sexy:

  • Wear it light.  Make sure your cologne or perfume is on just a touch so the person has to get near you to smell; the fragrant will make then a fan.
  • Bite your Lip.  Walk past the person you are interested in, turn around to look back and lightly bite your lip at the same time.  Make light eye contact.
  • Less is more: For the ladies this means makeup.  You should enhance your features not try to hide the flaws.  For men this means what you wear.  A stylish coat is good, but when you pair that with a vest and a fedora it is too much.  We like your style simple and not more complex than our own.

Sexy Behaviors:

  • Let go. We have all been hurt by some past lover or relationship, but in order to be sexy you have to let go of the past and move towards the future.  No one wants to hear about your ex!
  • Social.  I don’t mean your game or the way you talk.  When talking less is more.   Just smile and act social.  You need to listen after you ask questions.  Let them elaborate without interrupting with additional questions. Be careful with your expressions to their answers because your expressions say everything.  And be interesting!
  • Lock it up.  Be confident in your body and your mind. Sit up straight and carry yourself tall, even if you are only 5’2”.


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    • They are only tools in order to get someone’s attention. You are right that keeping somone’s attention is very different; it entails a lot (the blogs I write on relationships cover some of these topics). Keeping the initial attractions also takes work. Check out: Is Your Relationship on Snooze?

      • Relationships are my topic also…. I will poke around your blog some more. Check out my blog titled Realationship (and other if you would like) and tell me what you think!!!!

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