An Understanding Relationship

“An understanding attitude doesn’t presume to already know a person’s thoughts or feelings; instead, it gathers meaning from what is heard and moves towards validating what is being communicated.” Dr. Gray

A harsh attitude that is not accepting can cause a person to not trust you and not want to communicate with you.

Remain open minded and know that your partner did not have the same childhood or experiences, and still does not.  Your history and emotional intelligence may not be the same.


Be an Understanding Partner By:

  • Being a good listener
  • Offering a lifestyle where you can impart and share your healthy practices with your partner
  • Remain open-minded by example, not correction
  • No matter what, try not to judge your partner directly
  • Appreciate, appreciate

Appreciation is a natural reaction to feeling supported.  We reciprocate feelings.  If we feel judged, we will judge.  Positive in and positive out really helps couples stay motivated in communication.


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