Questioning Your Relationships

Do you think your relationship looks and feels like a “normal” one?  If you often compare your relationship to other people’s relationships, you need to stop doing that right meow.

But Seriously, What a relationship should be is the same question with a different answer for each individual and couple.

Make sure you know what it should be for you.  You understand the limits that you have; what makes you comfortable in a relationship?  You might need to spend more time alone with your significant other, but they like to be alone.  This is where understanding your relationship needs can make communication better.

You need to be able to make the serious compromises, but also to have fun in any relationship.

Ask yourself why you question your relationship in the first place.  Do you struggle any time you are tied down?  Get to know yourself and your reactions.  Don’t question your relationship until you have questioned yourself.  It is often too easy to blame others.


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