Another Fling or the Real Thing

When we begin engaging in conversation with someone we are interested in, it is difficult to tell if they have the same kind of thoughts about what the encounter will end up as.  How can we tell if someone wants to begin a relationship or if they are the “hit it and quit it” type?


A fling is interested in a short term encounter or hooking up.  It will look very different than someone who is interested in the real thing.  However, someone’s intentions in the beginning may look like they are in it to stay, but after they get whatever they wanted out of it or just have a fun time, it will be over.  You will realize for them it was just a fling.

The real thing:

  • Even after months of courting, they are still willing to go out of their way for you
  • They make time to see you, no matter how busy their schedule is
  • They take interest in your job, hobbies, or interests
  • They introduce you to their family and friends and will invite you to multiple events
  • They introduce you as their girlfriend or boyfriend
  • You can have open discussions about important life topics, such as having kids
  • There is compromise from them and you
  • They hang in there for the good times and the bad

It will take months to understand what the other person is interested in.  Even if you come right out and ask, that doesn’t mean that people can’t change their mind later.  Actions speak much louder than words, so hang around and see if they are in it for the real thing.


3 responses to “Another Fling or the Real Thing”

  1. Yes, Yes…. dating is hit or miss. People need to just follow their hearts and not their heads. Be yourself because who you are will surface. Most people start out being a long-term plans but turning into short-term thoughts. Half the time, people leave because they felt tricked into being with one person and ending up with another. The best advice is to being who you are and see if it’s captures the others person’s heart than the long-term plan will be paired with long-term thoughts!!!!

    • I think being yourself is great advice, but that doesn’t mean the other person is being themselves. We need to be able to read signals and signs outside of what people say.

      • We have to get to a point where we are not reading signal because we are communicating. I don’t want to be on a date with someone I can’t take at their word. Being yourself will ultimately detect any lies because people can’t keep pretending up forever. Call me gullible but I believe its “gullible” to go on a dating reading when you can write the story!!!!

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