Relationship Red Flags

I want to share this story because hopefully we can all learn from it.  Ryan Seacrest on 102.7 KIIS FM does a morning show that is called Ryan’s Roses.  The show gets emails from viewers that want to know if there significant other is cheating.  They then contact these viewer, and a fake call is made from a fake floral shop that asks the other partner who they want to send a free dozen roses to and what they want the card to say.

This morning a woman named Crystal called because her boyfriend of 11 months was acting suspicious.  She had yet to visit his home and they often traveled at least 45 minutes away to go out together.  When John was contacted he was excited to send the free dozen roses to… his wife for Mother’s Day!  Crystal was devastated.  Crystal, the girlfriend, and John’s wife knew nothing of one another.  To make matters worse John tried to explain himself but wasn’t doing a great job.  Crystal got off the phone brokenhearted.


This story is a very scandalous one, but why do we so often avoid red flags until the last second?  When you see red flags in a relationship you need to trust your instincts and those flags.  Red flags are anything that indicate potential problems.  The earlier on we see these red flags, the sooner we need to cut off the relationship.

Sometimes it is hard to break it off once we are consumed with love.

Try this: Make a list of Deal Breaking Red Flags that you can refer back to early on in the relationship and walk away if any criteria on that list is met.  You deserve only the best in a relationship.


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