Quick Tips When Arguing in Your Relationship

Arguing with your partner is an unpleasant thing for both parties.  Use these quick tips to avoid dragging arguments out and to keep the peace in your relationship.

  • Take some time.  Don’t say the first things that come to mind.  Plan out what should be said so you can do it in an appropriate manner.
  • Change your perspective.  Try to look at it from your partner’s point of view. Get an idea of where they may be coming from.
  • Take a step back. Try to take a step back when you are angry and let those initial feelings calm down before you begin discussions.
  • Listen. If something is bothering your partner the best thing you can do is listen.  Listening will make the other person feel like they are being heard and it will make it easier for them to hear your side.

Communication and good timing are key when it comes to getting through arguments with your partner.  Get to know your partners patterns of communication so they can vent and so you can be heard.  Communicate about what is bothering you to help from blowing up about it later.


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