The Death of Chivalry

The word chivalry comes from the demeanor of knights in the middle ages; the nobel knights had courage and honor.  Today we understand chivalry as the acts of men when taking care of a lady.  Men, we appreciate these acts.


There is a disconnect today with how to treat a lady. Check out this list to get the low down on these high-class chivalrous acts:

  • Open or hold doors
  • Pay the bill
  • Carry the luggage
  • Scrape off the car windows in the winter
  • Offer your jacket when she is cold
  • Stand up when a woman arrives at or leaves the table
  • Pull the car around for her
  • Walk on the sidewalk closest to the street
  • Pull out her chair

Ladies, don’t settle for a man that isn’t a gentleman or doesn’t do his best to attempt to be.  Make sure you do your part by being thankful and polite in equally acceptable ways.


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