When to Say ‘I Love You’

You shouldn’t spout out ‘I love you’ every time your toes tingle.  But when is the appropriate time to use those deeply sincere words?  Worst of all, what if your partner doesn’t say it back?


When? You will just know. No, I am kidding, although you might “just know” some of us need more help than that.  If you are unsure and it seems too early the best thing you can do is let the other person say it first.  Also be patient and let there be plenty of time for your heart and head to agree on what your mouth should say.

What if they don’t say it back? Yes, Ouch!  This one will hurt, your heart as well as your ego.  If it is apparent that you feel love and your partner doesn’t it is time to move on.  In successful relationships the partners have an equal or near equal connection with one another.



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